Understanding the Performance Display

After the rehearsals are complete and it’s time for the main event, switch to the new “Performance Mode” for safe, simple operation. While it’s always just as easy to execute a performance in “Rehearsal Mode”, “Performance Mode” simplifies the interface and makes it safer to operate during a performance.

Grid-based for iPads / Scrolling Display for iPhones

With the iPad’s larger display, see the sound elements laid out in a dynamically-sized grid – all on the display at once.  On an iPhone you can easily scroll through the playlist.

There are actually two modes:  “Safe Touch” and “Touch-n-Go”


If you have the program carefully planned and in sequence, then this mode will help you proceed without mistakes.  There’s only one large button to start playback.

Safe Selection / Queuing

When in “Safe-Touch” mode, selecting (or queuing) a song doesn’t generate any sounds.  The only button that can initiate playback is the large green play button.

Once the large green play button is pressed, playback will begin, the play button will will dim, the song button will turn green, and a progress bar will appear under the song title.

When the play button dims it becomes inactive, while the red stop button will light up and become active.  Having a separate stop button helps eliminate double-touch, start-stop mistakes.

End-Action Selection

Just as in “Rehearsal Mode”, you have the same control over the end of playback.  You can change the end-action behavior by touching the end-action button.

For more information see the notes on Rehearsal Mode.

Switch Back to Rehearsal Mode

Touch this button to switch back to Rehearsal Mode.

Channel Mods

Touch this button to edit the channel mods.  For more information see the notes on Rehearsal Mode.


If your playlist includes sound effects that should be “fired off” at the touch of a button, then this mode is for you.  No separate play button, just touch the sound and go!

Touching a song button during playback will interrupt playback and restart the song or effect.  You may also switch playback to a different song in the middle of playback.

You may stop playback by pressing the red stop button.