Introducing ...

Audio Presenter is an app that is designed for those that need total control over how audio is presented during a live performance.

Take Total Control

What should happen at the end of a song? Would you like it to advance to the next song and wait, continue playing, loop, loop and wait, or return to the top of the playlist?

Rehearse With Precision

With the high precision, scrolling waveform, rehearse specific portions of a song – AND set markers to easily return to specific verses.

Set "In" and "Out" Points

If you would like to trim off the beginning or end of a song, Audio Presenter offers “In” and “Out” points eliminating the need to edit songs for such a purpose.

What's New in Audio Presenter 1.5

A New Grid-based Performance Interface

Safe, Simple Performance Mode

After the rehearsals are complete and it’s time for the main event, switch to the new “Performance Mode” for safe, simple operation.  You still have the same end-of-song control.

There are actually two modes:  “Safe Touch” and “Touch-n-Go”


If you have the program carefully planned and in sequence, then this mode will help you proceed without mistakes.  There’s only one large button to start playback.


If your playlist includes sound effects that should be “fired off” at the touch of a button, then this mode is for you.  No separate play button, just touch the sound and go!

Grid-based for iPads / Scrolling Display for iPhones

With the iPad’s larger display, see the sound elements laid out in a dynamically-sized grid – all on the display at once.  On an iPhone you can easily scroll through the playlist.