Introducing GRaPL 1.4

Program - Rehearse - Perform

In certain performance situations, you may need to have the song pause before it continues to the next song. Maybe you need time for a set change after a big number.

Or if you’re a fitness instructor and need to give instruction before the next song. With GRaPL’s selectable “End Actions” you have control over the program flow.

Step 1 - Program

With GRaPL you have access to your complete library – including songs in the cloud via Apple Music. GRaPL allows you to easily search through your library and create a playlist for your performance.

Step 2 - Rehearse

The waveform display provides feedback for the current position of the song playhead as well as a high resolution interface to allow scrolling through the song.

Markers were designed with rehearsing in mind. They allow for an easy way to mark certain sections of a song where you would like to return again and again. There are different types of markers that provide control over playback so that you can stop playback, loop back to a previous marker, and more.

Step 3 - Perform

GRaPL also Supports Apple Watch

When using an iPhone paired with an Apple Watch, you can let your iPhone stay connected to your sound system (often located in the corner of the room) and control the entire rehearsal or performance directly from your wrist.